Refund My Wedding

Refund My Wedding

Helping couples get their money back from wedding suppliers.

Has your wedding been impacted by COVID−19?

Did you book your wedding in the UK before March 2020?

Was your original wedding date between March - September 2020?

Was your wedding postponed or cancelled because of Covid-19 and government regulations?


Were you offered a full refund, no questions asked?


Keep could be due a refund.

Was / Is your original wedding date after September 2020?

Do you now have a radically different wedding because of Covid−19? e.g.

+ a fraction of the guests you originally planned?

+ a different month?

+ a different day of the week?


Have you been offered a full refund, no questions asked?


Keep could be due a refund.

Great News!

You are entitled to request a refund from your wedding suppliers.

According to new UK government guidance, just like 196,300+ other couples across the UK, you are entitled to request a refund from your suppliers...

...even if you have paid a non-refundable deposit or already agreed a new postponement date.

Did you know?

Over 75% of couples have already rescheduled their weddings according to

Most couples were not offered OR were denied a refund.

They were completely unaware that it was their legal right to take back control of their money... that they could re-book again at a time of their choosing.

specialises in getting refunds from wedding suppliers on behalf of couples in these uncertain times.

How can we help you?

Speak to one of our friendly, expert negotiators.

If you are eligible for a refund, we will take care of everything on your behalf.

Your case will be looked after on a no-refund, no-fee basis.

"After struggling to get my money back from my wedding venue since March, managed to get my money in just 2 weeks!"

How Does It Work?

1) Register your wedding.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to apply.

You will be assigned a negotiator who will work for you throughout the process until you receive your refund(s).

Your negotiator will arrange a phone call or zoom meeting with you to review your application and advise what additional information we might need (if any) to secure your refund(s).

After your personal consultaion, they will send you an email with a proposal outlining the level of refund that you could look to obtain.

The email will also include a contract for you to sign if you want to engage to help you secure your refund(s) on your behalf.

2) We contact your venue.

Your negotiator will contact your suppliers.

With the full backing of our legal team behind them, your negotiator will contact your wedding suppliers on your behalf to make an introduction and to request refunds.

initially take a personal approach with your suppliers.

Most wedding suppliers are individuals or family run businesses so it is important to be empathetic to the impact of COVID-19 on their business.

Based on over 14 years experience in the wedding services industry and having worked with over 900 couples just like you, this approach ensures the best possible outcome.

3) We negotiate the best deal.

This is the hard part (and why most couples choose us)...

Since March 2020, venues and wedding suppliers have been side stepping their legal obligations and avoided paying refunds, claiming:

+ contractual non-frustration
+ cancellation clauses prevent refunds
+ unenforceable variation clauses
+ business expenses that are non-allowable as allowable
+ along with many more illegal tactics

This is why the UK Government and the CMA issued a statement on wedding cancellations and refunds!

have specialist negotiators with rich experience in the wedding refunds field and a legal team on hand to provide instant support.

We quickly cut through this noise and use previous case studies to demonstrate to suppliers that they are required to offer you a refund.

This helps to get refunds agreed quickly and without going to court.

4) You receive your refund.

You receive your refund(s) from your wedding suppliers.

Once a refund amount is negotiated with your venue, your negotiator will share the full details with you in writing.

If the refund amount is the same or greater than the minimum amount agreed in your contract, it will be automatically accepted.

If the refund amount is less than the minimum amount agreed in your contract then you can decide whether or not to accept the offer.

At this point the only thing left is for your wedding supplier to refund you your money.

never touch your money. Instead, there are currently two options for payment:

Option 1 - Direct Payment

Your wedding supplier will send the full amount of the refund directly to a bank account of your choice. We will then invoice you for our percentage, as agreed in your contract.

Option 2 - Escrow Service

Using a FCA approved escrow service. The funds are sent from the wedding supplier to the escrow. They in turn send you the full refund less the amount of our commission, as agreed in your contract. They will send us our commission

That’s it!

You have your money back and can now take full control over your future.

If you want to start the process to get refunds from your wedding suppliers, click:

Apply Now

and fill out the short online form (it takes less than 2 mins)

"Even though our wedding venue convinced us that instead of our original 100 person wedding in August we had to have a 30 person wedding in February, negotiated a refund for us. Thank you so much."


Why are you helping couples get refunds from their suppliers?

In response to the clear and urgent problems being experienced in the wedding industry sector, on 7th September 2020 the CMA issued specific and clear guidance on how the law operates in relation to contracts for wedding services which have been or will be affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

As wedding professionals with 14+ years in the industry, we are passionate about couples being treated fairly.

We have noticed two things:

Couples are not aware of their rights under UK law.

Wedding service providers and venues have not been treating their customers fairly.

We have put together an experienced team of negotiators to work on behalf of couples who want to get a refund from their wedding suppliers.

Many couples with COVID-19 affected weddings still plan to have the wedding party of their dreams at some time in the future.

However, right now, with the uncertainty of a second lockdown looming ahead of us, the couples just cannot put a date on when social distancing will cease to be a factor...

...and neither can wedding suppliers (or even Government health ministers for that matter).

Couples do not feel comfortable leaving payments and deposits that represent their life savings in the hands of venues and suppliers that are in danger of bankruptcy.

They would feel more comfortable with a full refund and control over their finances, leaving them with the option of rebooking at any time in the future.

...if it is ever possible.

It is a strange time where wedding businesses are lobbying the UK Government to try and force couples to proceed with small COVID-19 weddings, instead of putting their couples needs first.

Refund My Wedding is doing the opposite.

We have built a business that helps couples...

...and we are here to help you.

Why do couples request refunds from their wedding suppliers?

The couples we work for request refunds for a variety of reasons.

Some have been offered or pressured to accept new dates or new conditions for their wedding which they did not originally want.

For example a Tuesday in March 2021 instead of their original Friday in June 2020.

Some couples have been influenced to accept a wedding with a dramatically reduced number of guests, when really a 30 person wedding simply does not measure up to their dreams.

For example, a 30 person sit down reception instead of a big party for 100+ guests.

Combine this with the fact that for some couples, relatives have fallen ill or even in worse cases have passed away, the couple have become pregnant or other things have changed within their relationship or financial world.

They want to take back control of their lives and their weddings by receiving a full refund so that they can make their own decisions for the future on their own terms...

...rather than leaving their wedding funds sitting in the bank accounts of their suppliers who could declare bankruptcy at any moment (especially after the latest CMA guidance).

Lots of couples want their refunds now rather than risking losing their hard-earned cash.

Is it easy to do?

We have made the process as straightforward and simple as possible for you.

The hard work is done by our experienced negotiators, who will handle everything on your behalf and our legal team who will make sure you receive the full refund available to you by law.

How well does it work?

It works very well - because you are entitled to a refund of your money and we have an experienced team of negotiators working on your behalf.

To date, after speaking with our negotiators, we have not had a wedding supplier refuse to issue a couple with a refund.

There are some negotiators still awaiting responses from wedding venues that have been closed or operating with skeleton staff.

However, there is no reason to believe that the refunds will not be forthcoming as the CMA's position on refunds and cancellations in the wedding sector is crystal clear.

Is This a Scam?


Apart from the fact we are very nice people who make our mum’s proud, there are more reasons you can be sure this is not a scam.

We have 14+ years’ experience in the wedding industry and we find it shocking that couples are not being appropriately refunded their deposits and other payments for weddings that never happened.

We never. . . ever. . . ask for any payment in advance.

We never receive funds directly from the venue.

The full refund will be sent directly to you by the venue and we will invoice you for our commission after you received them.

Alternatively we will use a UK FCA approved escrow agent to receive your funds and split them between you and us, with a commission rate as agreed in your contract.

You can check the UK government’s public record of FCA approved businesses online and feel free to contact our escrow agent before signing your contract to verify this is correct.

If for some reason we do not succeed in securing your refund, or if you choose not to accept the refund we secured for you, we part as friends and you owe us nothing.

Do wedding suppliers have to refund everything to us?

In short, no they do not. There are a small number of exceptions to refunds - for example, if your caterer had already ordered and paid for your food.

The CMA investgated the wedding industry because wedding suppliers have been incorrectly (illegally) deducting expenses that should not have been held from refunds.

A lot of wedding suppliers have denied a refund entirely.

The good news is that with our 14+ years experience in the wedding industry, our experience with hundreds of couples just like you and our expert legal team, your personal negotiator will be able to get you the highest possible refund amount.

Is my money safe?

Right now, your money is not safe.

That is why you need to get it back from your wedding suppliers before some/all of them become bankrupt.

When your negotiator has agreed a refund amount with you, your money will be transferred to you on one of two ways.

1) Directly to you from your wedding supplier. You will then receive and invoice from us for the agreed commission payment.

2) Through a FCA approved escrow service. The funds are sent from the wedding supplier to the escrow. They in turn send you the full refund less the amount of our commission, as agreed in your contract. They will send us our commission directly.

How Much Does It Cost?

We operate on a No-Refund, No-fee basis.

In exchange for the negotiation service, we charge 10% commission on the final refund amount up to a maximum amount of GBP500.

We get paid only after your refund has been returned to you.

There are no hidden extras and we will never ask you for prepayment.

We operate on a No-Refund, No-Fee basis and there are no upfront costs... ever.

The refund is paid directly back to you and we never hold your money in our accounts.

If at any time you do not like how things are going, you can choose to stop working with us with no charge and no penalty.

How long does it take?

Every case is different, but we aim to start the negotiation process within 2 working days of receiving your signed contract.

A lot of wedding venues are currently operating with a skeleton workforce and some hotels are still closed which can mean that communication can sometimes be a challenge.

Our team of negotiators are persisent, super skilled at getting in contact with the right person and are really motivated to work hard on your behalf - because we do not receive any money until you have received your refund.

The fastest refund so far was received by a couple within 5 working days of our negotiators initial contact with the supplier.

There are other open negotiations that are still ongoing and proceeding more slowly because of stalling tactics from the wedding suppliers.

You can contact your negotiator at any point to get a progress report.

We ask for no upfront payment and we only charge you after your refund has been paid out.

What is the risk?

There is no risk to you.

We ask for no upfront payment and we only charge you for our commission after you have recieved your refund.

Couldn’t I just do this myself?


If you have the time, you are comfortable with negotiation, conflict resolution and navigating the law there is no reason not to.

We offer a streamlined service that takes the pain out of the process and typically results in a higher refund amount.

And you pay nothing until after the refund has been received.

Just as a comparison, the 10% commission that we charge (to a maximum of GBP500) is approximately equivalent to the cost that you would incur to solicit a lawyer to draft you one email / letter if you tried to obtain the refunds yourself.

Ask yourself - what would I do if my wedding supplier refused to pay? What are the next steps? How much will it cost me if I make a mistake?

Will you steal my identity?


We will not do that!

How is my data and privacy handled?

We are fully GDPR and UK-GDPR compliant.

Your data is stored securely using compliant software.

Once your case is closed and refund received, your data will be securely archived and deleted after 6 years in accordance with UK law.

"I felt a weight lifting off my shoulders after I spoke to a negotiator from - I'm so glad I filled in the form on their website after finding them on Facebook."

Apply for Your Wedding Refund


...No-Refund, No-Fee!